Annual House Tug o’War

18th September 18

Today the four Houses took each other on in the first event of the year, fighting it out to become champions of the much anticipated Tug o’ War competition 2018. Each team put out an impressive number of participants, with both boys and girls from across the 5th and 6th Form donning their respective coloured shirts. Each House entered the arena to their chosen theme tune and limbered up, ready to give every ounce of strength they could muster. The event once again demonstrated the huge amount of pride, teamwork and camaraderie that each House has developed over many years. As always it was an impressive show of power, team coordination and tactics, with each House taking on the other.

In the end, Clarkson vanquished all of their opponents, gaining maximum points and holding on to the title for another year. Second place went to Holmes, third to Sparks and fourth to Peckover. Miss Gomm, the new head of Clarkson was delighted at with this result and congratulations go to her team.  However, a massive well done goes to all those who participated and thanks to the tournament referee, Mr Timmis. The Houses will now be preparing for the annual music competition, due to be held on Tuesday 16 October.