WGS Unveils 1st Form Pupils’ Willys Jeep Kit Car

7th June 24

WGS is excited to announce the unveiling of a Willys Jeep 1/3 scale kit car, meticulously constructed by our 1st Form pupils. This impressive project is part of our Period 5 Young Engineers Club, which promotes interest in building and repairing buggy cars on site. The jeep was built to commemorate the 80th anniversary of D Day and highlights our commitment to combining education with historical awareness.
Over a six week period, seven dedicated 1st Form pupils constructed and painted a Toylander Willys Jeep, inspired by the iconic vehicles used during the liberation of Europe by American, British, Free Dutch, and Free French forces. Although the jeep bears American markings, it features a scratch-built Twin Vickers machine gun, typical of British and Free French SAS battalions, and an M1 carbine machine gun mounted on the front windscreen, reminiscent of the American paratrooper formations during Operation Market Garden.
Unique elements include chequer plate pads on the wheel arches, inspired by the Toylander’s original Land Rover design. This tribute holds personal significance for one of our staff members, whose great uncle was part of Colonel Jonny Frost’s brigade in the Battle of Arnhem. His great uncle’s bravery and sacrifice are remembered through this project, as he was captured by the Germans after the battle.
“This project not only enhances our pupils’ engineering skills but also connects them with significant historical events,” said Mr. Rimmer, Headmaster of Wisbech Grammar School. “We are incredibly proud of their dedication and creativity in bringing this historical tribute into life.”