A Wisbech Grammar School Scholarship is an award recognising a very high level of achievement in a competitive examination or assessment. It carries the title ‘Scholar’ and includes financial support.

Types of Scholarship


Academic Scholarships are awarded on the basis of the very strongest academic performance assessed by the entrance exam or internal exam and supported by predicted grades, interview and by references from the Head of the child’s current school.


All-Rounder Scholarships are awarded on the basis of strong academic performance and are intended to enable any boy or girl of outstanding all-round ability and leadership to benefit from an education at Wisbech Grammar School.

There are three entry points: Year 7, Year 9 and Year 12. To apply for a Scholarship, you will need to register your child for admission using the Registration Form and paying the £125 Registration Fee.

To apply for Year 7 and 9:

Once registered, you can apply for a Scholarship for your Year 6 or Year 8 son or daughter any time up to the last Friday in November (see ‘Key Dates’ for details). They will be invited to sit an entrance exam comprising Maths and English papers. They will also be invited to a meeting with the Headmaster during which scholarships can be explored.

If your child meets the Scholarship requirements, they will be invited to our Scholarship assessment week.

To apply for Year 12:

Once registered, you can apply for a Scholarship for your Year 11 son or daughter any time up to the last Friday of November in each year (see ‘Key Dates’ for details).  Entry into the 6th Form will be on the basis of academic references and GCSE predictions.

Pupils wishing to be considered for a 6th Form Scholarship will be required to sit an essay-based exam and have an interview during Scholarship assessment week, which is normally mid to late January  (see ‘Key Dates’ for details).

Financial award

Where a Scholarship is awarded, a fee remission of £1000 per annum will be granted for Year 7 and Year 9 pupils, rising to £1500 per annum for 6th Form pupils.

You are welcome to apply for a Scholarship if you feel your child meets the School’s criteria.   The deadline for submitting a Scholarship application for September entry is November of each year. Your child’s progression to the Scholarship Assessments, held in January, will be confirmed after the applications have closed and once they have sat their entrance exam.