Prep School

At Wisbech Grammar School Prep we are proud to offer children the opportunity to flourish and reach their true potential through extended learning, confidence building and a commitment to succeed. Dedicated staff focus on each child as an individual, learning their strengths and learning challenges to encourage them on their learning journey so that they reach Senior School as intellectual, confident and effective learners.

Needs of Learners

The school is committed to achieving the best possible outcomes for all pupils as academic learners and to meeting the needs of each pupil at a level appropriate to individual ability.

Classroom activities are differentiated when required in order to value individual strengths and support individual difficulties. A variety of teaching methods and styles is employed in the pursuit of this aim. In September 2016 streaming and specific grouping was introduced in Prep 4, 5 and 6 in some aspects of English and Maths. We see this as an extension of the differentiation already applied within lessons and it involves pupils being ability grouped in relation to their GL exam results and other assessments.

Pupils who have been identified as having outstanding ability are provided with extension and enrichment opportunities within individual subjects. Additional enrichment activities are also available through our extensive clubs programme. For those needing infrequent additional support, one-to-one help is given in class by the Teaching Assistant or Class Teacher.

For those who have been identified as requiring intervention to aid their literacy skills, individual or paired sessions take place in the Learning Support room. These sessions are carried out by a teacher qualified to work with children with specific learning difficulties. Use of a dyslexia screener at assessment for admission or at the start of Prep 3 aids the identification of these pupils. There is also the opportunity for pupils who have been identified as having problems in Mathematics to receive additional support in the Learning Support room with teachers experienced in the use of the Numicon programme. Since September 2016 pupils are being assessed using a Dyscalculia screener to aid identification of those individuals who experience difficulties in Mathematics.

Where we think it necessary to adapt the curriculum to meet the needs of individual children, we do so in consultation with the parent(s) or carer(s) of the child and with the involvement, if necessary, of the appropriate external agencies.

Clubs and Activities

We pride ourselves on ensuring our children have every opportunity to participate in a variety of endeavours that will help them to grow and succeed in all aspects of life. The classroom extends outside through our wide range of activities helping us to challenge our children to step outside their comfort zone.

Beginning in Reception the children are encouraged to take part in activities such as archery, cycling, cooking, construction, cross stitch, Tae Kwon Do and recorders in addition to the many sporting activities we have on offer.

Each term children are able to select new activities or continue to master their skills in previously chosen activities.