GCSE Results 2021

High-achieving pupils at Wisbech Grammar School for 2021 

Headmaster, Mr Chris Staley, said: “There is so much to celebrate given the disruption and unpredictability of the past two years and pupils and all the staff involved should be congratulated on such a remarkable effort.  There is a great deal to be proud of and the results represent the fruits of the labour (pupils and staff) over a sustained and disjointed period of time.  It is now time to move on to the next stage.

The overall pass rate is just short of 100% (grade 9 to 4) and exemplifies the fantastic relationship that exists between every teacher and every pupil at WGS.  These results also provide the clear evidence of the success of our blended teaching and learning approach throughout the entirety of the pandemic where some lessons have been in school and others were very quickly moved to being online.

There have been a great number pupils today who have received exceptional grades and the delight was clearly palpable when they opened their emails and envelopes this morning.  Most notably are the 2 pupils who managed to secure a full suite of 9s in their 9 GCSEs- quite simply a phenomenal all round achievement.  According to government data released this morning, there are approximately 3000 pupils across the country that managed to do this and two are pupils at WGS… amazing.”



An overall pass rate of 97% (pupils achieving A* to C or 9 to 4)

62% of the year group achieving top grades in their examinations (A* to B or 9 to 6)

98% of pupils achieving A* to C or 9-4 in both English and Maths

25% of pupils gained 9 or more results at grades A* to B or 6 or above

8% of pupils were awarded 9 or more grades at A* to B or 7 or above

These results demonstrate that through inspiring teaching, tailoring learning to individual pupil needs, great progress can be made. The use of technology to address the need for distance learning has enhanced the educational experiences of pupils, and will continue into the future where the best of traditional and innovative methods will blend to offer pupils ever better opportunities. Many pupils achieved results they would not have thought possible when we began our learning journey through 2020-2021.


Oustanding Results

Eloise Suite (nine 9’s)

Octavia Kerman-Staley (nine 9’s)

Keira Wilde (six 9’s and two 8’s and a 7)

Virroch Jeyakumar (five 9’s three 8’s and two 7’s)