Life Skills

Every 6th Form pupil attends a weekly ‘Life Skills’ session which covers a range of topics designed to help support their A Level studies, the completion of an EPQ and also help pupils prepare for the next step after their time at Wisbech Grammar School, whether that be into the world of work, an apprenticeship or applying to university.

In the Lower 6th Form, essential study skills are taught in the first term to help pupils make a successful transition from GCSE to A Level where they are expected to take on more responsibility for their own learning. During this time the Upper 6th Form pupils focus on their onward journey and are given time to complete their UCAS applications.

Other skills are taught throughout the year such as public speaking, finances and budgeting, student cooking, job application techniques, interview techniques and event planning.   These sessions also allow pupils to discuss key societal issues and learn how to hold a constructive debate; sharing their points of view, listening to their peers and respecting their difference of opinion.  Key aspects of the PSHCE programme are also supported in these sessions, such as sexual health and relationships, substance abuse and mental health.