Pupil Testimonials

“Wisbech Grammar School is a place that has created so many memories for me and my teachers have been very helpful and encouraging to me! When I first came to WGS, I really thought of the dormitory as my second home.”  

Amy Zhang, Boarder 2020-2023 – Now studying Fashion at Ravensbourne University London 


“I still miss Wisbech from my school days, even now after I’ve moved onto university. The teachers at the school were all very nice, even offering me additional support after school. As well as this, there were many sports options at school, such as cricket. Participating in sports activities made my life at WGS more exciting and fulfilling. Boarding life is also a great memory for me, we usually go out every weekend to explore surrounding cities as well as try new activities. The school canteen staff team are very nice and helped make us food that reminded us of home.”  

Yoyo Huang, Senior prefect 2022-2023 – Now studying Business and Management at Royal Holloway University of London  


“As an International student at Wisbech Grammar School, I found a sense of belonging and comfort that made it feel like home. I am immensely thankful to the staff whose guidance has not only enriched my academic journey, but by addressing my inquiries, has been instrumental in guiding me through various facets of life. Moreover, the weekends had been enriched by engaging in small trips, BBQ, and karaoke, creating cherished memories that enhanced my overall school experience” 

Lacey Wang – Now studying Finance at The University of Sydney, Australia