School Life

School Life at Wisbech Grammar School is busy and productive, enjoyable and rewarding, fulfilling and inspiring and welcoming for parents and visitors. The enthusiasm and excitement shared by our staff and pupils prepares young people for the world beyond the classroom.  We create an environment that stimulates curious minds, celebrates each pupil’s strengths and where we know and treat each pupil as an individual.

Learning extends far beyond the academic curriculum. Our pupils enjoy a vast range of activities, regular social events and school trips, enabling them to spend time independently with their friends and make the most of the fantastic opportunities on offer. Our School provides an environment for individual talent to flourish, encouraging confidence and leadership – qualities our pupils are renowned for and which prepare them for life after school.

Celebrating success and effort, our inspiring, experienced and insightful teachers, promote a culture of aspiration by creating the conditions for pupils to achieve and encouraging them to succeed with small classes and excellent pastoral care.

There are also several aspects of school life that are unique to pupils enabling them to complete additional study using the resources available to them. Pupils are invited to take part in organised social events, helping to build a strong sense of community. There are more opportunities to engage with the wider community through volunteering projects.

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