School meals

The break and lunch periods offer all pupils rest and respite and an opportunity to dine in our wonderful Refectory.

For 6th Form pupils, the lunch period is also an opportunity to undertake duties and activities in order to further develop skills and independence. Our 6th Form pupils have the optional privilege of signing out at lunch to go into town.

Our Refectory

Our £2M Refectory, officially opened as ‘Skelton Hall’, is open from 07.45 to 08.30 providing a breakfast food service for pupils.

During morning break a selection of hot and cold snacks is available along with a variety of drinks.  Senior School pupils are able to purchase from a choice of hot meals, salads and snacks at lunchtime. In addition, the kitchen staff will prepare either a jacket potato or soup with a roll.

Our Menu

A high proportion of our food is freshly prepared each day. The School has received the Bronze Award in the Food for Life Partnership Scheme and is currently working towards achieving the Silver Award.

If your child intends to use our catering service and has an allergy to any particular food types or any special dietary requirements, this should be advised in writing to the School. If we are not able to accommodate all of your child’s dietary requirements then your child will need to bring a packed lunch from home.

Packed Lunches

Pupils who choose to bring a packed lunch may eat their meal in the Dining Hall. We encourage our pupils and staff to eat healthily at all times. The School Food Trust has devised suggested menus to aid parents in preparing packed lunches for their children. For further information please click here. Parents are respectfully requested not to send in nuts or nut products at any time.


Water is freely available during each food service, and water dispensers are located in the school. All pupils should bring a reusable, named water bottle to school, every day. We discourage the consumption of sugary juices and squashes. Fizzy drinks and energy drinks are not permitted.

Cashless Catering

Please note that we do not accept cash payments in the Refectory. Instead, pupils have an electronic account to which parents credit funds via the ParentPay on-line payment system. Parents should credit their child’s account before they begin to use the system. Most parents tend to top up the account on a monthly basis. Any unused funds are returned when a child leaves the school.

To help pupils manage funds there is a £5 daily spend limit programmed into the system for each pupil; this amount can be increased or decreased by emailing the Accounts Office at parentpay@wisbechgrammar.com.

Should an account become overdrawn we will allow your child to purchase their meal for that day, however, we would ask parents to top-up the account the same day.