Boarding Principles


To provide a safe structured family environment which nurtures the potential of the individual and increases self-confidence in preparation for a successful future


  • To promote and encourage academic success
  • To increase self-confidence through involvement in house activities and effective assimilation into the WGS Community
  • To prepare pupils for a successful future after WGS through affective guidance
  • To instil a sense of responsibility for their own actions, the school and the wider community.
  • To encourage a sense of family and mutual respect
  • To increase pupils’ understanding of fundamental British values and their English language skills

The Houses

Hazel House is located on the edge of the school grounds behind the Dwight Centre it is a free standing Boarding House that benefits from a quiet safe setting, it also has its own garden.  The House is spread over three floors with a Houseparent on the second floor. The Ground floor has a duty office where a staff member can be found.   We have a large common room for relaxation and newly refurbished study bedrooms for focussed homework and rest.

Warren House is situated at the far-side of the school fields.  It is very much a home, with all the comforts one would expect!  Warren is a converted residential house, so it is no wonder it feels so homely.  The house is spread over two floors, with the staff office and resident member of staff situated on the first floor.  Boys’ accommodation can be found on the ground floor, and the girls’ can be found the other side of the kitchen on both the ground floor and first floor.

Despite both houses having their own unique character, the community prides itself on the ethos of teamwork. We look after each other and celebrate our successes and face our challenges together.

We relish the opportunity to represent the school even in areas where we might not have obvious strengths.  We believe that you grow as people by performing outside of your comfort zone.

Wisbech Grammar School Boarding Principles

The international strategy at Wisbech Grammar School is very much a symbiotic relationship, it allows our school and its community to stretch out its arms across the world to encounter and learn from different countries and cultures, whilst those who join the school as boarders, benefit from the many opportunities available here such as, our nurturing close-knit community and our focus on an all-round education that inspires.

The aim of boarding at Wisbech Grammar School is not to bolt on a large number of international borders but to allow our international students the opportunity to fully integrate within our own community, housing them in bespoke, intimate, boarding settings and homestay accommodation, to really give them a true home from home and a legitimate cultural experience, from which they can progress and grow as both learners and young people.

This also gives our domestic students a true insight into other cultures and their customs, bursting the bubble that can easily form around a small independent school. Letting the world in further opens up our pupils to new uncharted horizons giving them the opportunity to forge strong links with young people in different countries and eventually the chance to travel and benefit from a portfolio of international contacts.

We are truly proud of our school which has established strong, deep roots in Cambridgeshire in its long and celebrated history.  We want others to benefit from the full education on offer here and for our community to grow and become stronger and closer as a result.