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Early Years

Why Wisbech Grammar Early Years?

Our  Kindergarten and Reception class offers children the very best possible start to their educational journey.

Through our enriched curriculum and small class sizes, we offer each child

Time to Discover who they are

Time to Learn their potential

Time to Create lifelong foundations

Time to Grow in confidence

We also follow an Early Years Curriculum and our timetable offers

Forest School


Modern Foreign Languages



Children thrive when they feel secure and valued and we make this our priority. We achieve this by giving children dedicated time and developing supportive relationships between teaching staff,  key workers, children, and their families.

Children benefit from the fantastic facilities of our Prep and Senior School, which gives them the opportunity of experiencing all that Wisbech Grammar School has to offer.


We understand that choosing the right Early Years setting is a big decision and our Admissions and Early Years Team is here to ensure you have all the information you need and are on hand to answer any questions you may have.

Discover more about our setting and enjoy a virtual walk around our Early Years and Prep School



Discover uniqueness

Within our early years setting, we understand and recognise that each child is unique. Through our diverse curriculum we ensure that the individual needs of the children are met. Through child-led learning, differentiated activities and an abundance of resources, we are able to nurture self-confidence and independence while each child discovers their uniqueness.

Discover the world

Throughout our stimulating environment, children’s natural curiosity becomes ignited and they are inspired by the enjoyment of discovery. By tapping into specialist teaching, children experience a number of sporting activities, language opportunities and outdoor forest adventures.

Frau Skinner keeps linguistic ability alive with children being introduced to German through games and song, where they are captivated by the joy of language.

Discover happiness

Within our early years setting, we aim to provide a happy and secure environment for each child to enjoy. Children are able to develop lasting friendships and positive, nurturing relationships that enable children to feel valued and secure.


Creating memories

Here at Wisbech Grammar School, we understand the importance of early memories. By creating authentic and meaningful experiences, children are transported into a magical world that they will cherish for years to come.

Creating imagination

By nurturing a child’s imagination through role play and creative activities, it helps them to explore and gain understanding of the world and to increase their understanding of the cultures in which they are growing up.

Children learn in different ways, by encouraging imaginative play they learn the importance of role play, exploring the world using their imagaination, helps to creat more confident and happy children.

Creating life-long learners

Within our early years settings, we know the importance of nurturing children’s passions and are dedicated to developing confident, happy, life-long learners. Through classroom discussions, which reinforce social development and enhancing communication and language abilities, children are able to discover the value of these skills as they put them into practice. Through interactive and meaningful learning, children are prepared for a positive and happy transition to their next step on their education journey.


Growing confidence

Here at Wisbech Grammar, we know that young children are naturally inquisitive and active and it is within a supportive environment that they are able to thrive. By providing the right balance between adult interaction and independent exploration, we are able to gently encourage children through significant developmental milestones.

Growing potential

Throughout our early years settings, we aim to provide the highest of opportunities to maximise each child’s potential. With our enrichment opportunities and abundant resources, our early years setting is the perfect platform for your child’s success and wellbeing.

Frau Skinner keeps linguistic ability alive with children being introduced to German through games and song, where they are captivated by the joy of language.

Growing young minds

Within our early years setting, children are encouraged to let their own curiosity lead the way. By providing them with an abundance of tools and opportunities, they are able to expand the boundaries of their world in a safe and nurturing environment. While enjoying a wealth of experiences, children are challenged to think ‘outside the box’ and are supported…



Learning creativity

Enabling a child to let their imaginations go as far as they can. We do not believe in setting barriers and encourage children to be as creative as they want to be. For some children, this comes naturally, and others need encouragement to tap into their creative minds and discover their interests and what they enjoy. Creativity is the key to unlocking and building confidence and leads to the ability to focus on their academic success as well.

Learning inclusivity

Each child is respected and valued as a growing individual and can show kindness and compassion. We encourage each child to be unique and respect each other’s differences.

Learning to learn

Within our gentle and nurturing environment, it is here that children learn to learn. Through project-based learning and extensive resources, children are able to learn through their own experiences and exploration, discovering and growing their own abilities along the way.

Forest School

This unique experience is born from the principle that children benefit greatly from the learning opportunities inherent in a natural, outdoor environment. Forest School helps children to grow in confidence as a result of the freedom, time and space they are given to explore, create and grow in an outdoor setting. With other benefits such as physical fitness, mental health and learning by experience.

With sensory walks, foraging, nature art, shelter building and hunting for mini beasts, children at Wisbech Grammar School benefit greatly from taking part in our Forest School activities.

Next Steps For Admissions Into Our Early Years

Step 1 - Enquire About A Place

We welcome children into Early Years from the age of 3. To enquire about a place and discover more about our Kindergarten or Reception Class -please contact our Admissions Team on 01945 586750 or email admissions@wisbechgrammar.com.


Step 2 – Visit Early Years- Virtually

The admissions journey usually begins with a visit to our Early Years setting and we are currently offering a virtual meeting with our Early Years Team. We also have a virtual tour and encourage you to walk around and explore our School in your own time.

Step 3 - Completion of Registration Form

Once you have had the opportunity to view our School and meet our team, we will invite you to register your son or daughter by completing the registration form and paying the registration fee of £125.

Download the Registration Form

Step 4 - Virtual Visits Arranged with our Early Years Team

On completion of the Registration Form, in the term prior to joining, we will be in touch to arrange a zoom meeting with our Early Years Team/Key Worker and this is an opportunity to get to know your son or daughter and ask any questions.

Step 5 - Offer of a place

Following your meeting with our Early Years Team, a place in our Kindergarten or Reception Class will be confirmed and an offer will be made.