Positions of Responsibility

Our 6th Form pupils have the opportunity to take on several positions of responsibility within the School.

All members of the Upper 6th undertake duties in the refectory at break and lunch times, supervising pupils in the queue and in the Skelton Hall with the support of members of staff.

In addition, Upper 6th pupils can apply to take on the role of either a Senior Prefect or Form Prefect. Both of these leadership positions enable the 6th Form pupils to offer vital support to the younger pupils in our School community. The application process, which consists of writing a letter of application and group interviews, takes place in the second half of the Trinity Term of the pupils’ Lower 6th year. Full details of the application process will be published to both pupils and parents at this time.

House officials are also chosen from Upper 6th pupils and usually consist of Heads of House, Heads of Music and Heads of Sport. The officials are elected by their peers.

All members of the 6th Form are able to act as Peer Mentors for younger pupils in the School. This involves meeting at least once a week and offering support in a particular area, for example time management or organization. Many of our pupils engage with this activity and find it very rewarding.

In addition, we encourage out 6th Form pupils to take on a leadership role in our extensive co-curricular programme of activities, either by running an activity by themselves, or supporting a member of staff.

Pupil voice is very important within the School and all Tutor Groups elect a representative to sit on the 6th Form Forum sharing their ideas and concerns with the Head of Section. The Forum is run by the Chair who is elected by the pupils. They are responsible for leading the discussions, taking minutes and ensuring that these are circulated to all members of the 6th Form. Two members of this Forum will be asked to sit on the Whole School Forum to represent the views of the 6th Form.