Charity Commission

Charity: Wisbech Grammar School Foundation (1087799-1)

The Commission proposes to make a Scheme (a legal document) for this charity.

The Scheme will change the charity’s purpose. The charity’s purpose is currently to provide a school in or near Wisbech. With the lease of the school to another entity this is no longer possible and we need to make use of the rental income. The new purposes will continue to allow the charity to advance education and in particular (but not exclusively) to support pupils attending independent schools in or near Wisbech.

A copy of the Scheme can be seen at www.charitycommission.gov.uk/our-regulatory-work/how-to-comment-on-a-scheme/schemes-and-orders/  (If you cannot access this please call our Contact Centre on 0300 066 9197)

Comments or representations on these proposals can be made to the Commission within one month from 29th January 2020 by completing the form on our website.  Please quote NJ/1087799/Charity Services.