WGS Distance Learning

Wisbech Grammar School community has embraced distance learning with staff, families, and pupils all working together to ensure every pupil has access to resources and live online lessons with their teachers from Reception to 6th Form pupils.

Our extensive distance learning timetable ensures pupils across the school are supported academically but also across our co-curricular program; including art, music, drama, sport, and design, and technology. We understand the challenges some pupils may have due to distance learning and our pastoral team is supporting those children that need extra support, encouragement, and time.

“Our chosen platform to deliver lessons is Microsoft Teams and now we are 6 weeks into lockdown number 3, we have come such a long way, in a relatively short period of time.  So much so, the media talk about ‘Covid catch up’, is something I think we will be able to sidestep- so confident am I in the quality of our teachers and their teaching and learning content.  There has been a proliferation of education apps brought on board and alongside continuous training, sharing of best practices, small groups posting great ideas or things that have worked well in lessons- the positivity around learning and what the future may look like for pupils and staff is amazing.  In the last few weeks, I have often spoken of the opportunities that Covid will present to the education sector and I firmly believe, that over the coming months and years, we are going to be able to harness the positive momentum that has come from a switch to remote learning and put together an improved ‘teaching and learning’ package.  This will build our growing WGS reputation for excellence in the classroom still further but not just in Wisbech itself but across the world.” Chris Staley, Headmaster WGS


“Following your email about distanced learning, I wanted to get in touch and let you know what a great experience Florence is having. Florence is engaged in the lessons and is learning so much. Mrs Esser is always so inspiring, kind, and great at explaining. Sometimes I am unable to sit in on the lesson but I can always hear Mrs Esser checking if Florence needs any help.  Florence’s confidence over teams has grown quickly, in the first few days she would check with me before answering questions but now she puts her hand up for a turn before she knows what the question will be. I think it’s partly familiarity but also if she were to get a question wrong or if she were to hesitate Mrs Esser offers the perfect level of encouragement. She learns most through play so we have been using all of the resources that have been provided to us and from a parent’s point of view the way the material is uploaded so promptly makes it very easy to be organised and ready for the next day.   Kind Regards, Jessie” – Parent of Prep School pupil