WGS Officially Opens New Park & Scoot Scheme with Government-Funded Scooter Pod

7th June 24

Wisbech Grammar School is excited to announce the official opening of the Park & Scoot scheme, a new initiative aimed at promoting sustainable travel within our school community. The scheme was launched with a ribbon-cutting ceremony within the Prep School playground, where a brand-new scooter pod, funded by a government grant, was unveiled.
The Park & Scoot scheme is designed to encourage pupils to adopt more sustainable modes of transport, reducing traffic congestion and contributing to a healthier environment. The newly installed scooter pod provides a secure and convenient place for pupils to store their scooters during the school day.
The ribbon-cutting ceremony was attended by our Road Safety Ambassadors, who played a significant role in advocating for this initiative. They, along with school officials, expressed their excitement about the potential impact of the scheme on the school community.
We are incredibly proud to launch the Park & Scoot scheme,” said Mr Rimmer, Headmaster of Wisbech Grammar School. “This initiative not only promotes healthier lifestyles but also aligns with our commitment to sustainability and road safety. We are grateful for the government funding that made the scooter pod possible and look forward to seeing our pupils take advantage of this new facility.
The Park & Scoot scheme is set to officially roll out across the school community in the coming weeks. Pupils and parents are encouraged to participate and contribute to the success of this sustainable travel initiative.
In addition to this exciting development, WGS (Prep School) is also proud to announce the approval of its application for the Good level Modeshift STARS accreditation. This prestigious recognition celebrates our commitment to promoting sustainable travel within our school community and highlights our participation in the National School Travel Awards and our dedication to sustainable travel.