Outstanding A-Level results for WGS Pupils

10th August 21

Pupils at WGS continue to excel in a remarkable display of resilience as A-Level results surpass expectations

Continued disruption to WGS pupils’ school life in the form of further lockdowns, remote learning and a stifling of the enrichment programmes were all overcome as demonstrated by a superb set of results.

“Once again, WGS pupils continue to astound me.  The A-Level results this year have improved even further from twelve months ago. This particular year group were always predicted to achieve well based on their GCSE results in 2019 – the last occasion that a year 11 group sat GCSE examinations. The top grades (A*-A) accounted for well over half of the results with 80% of grades A*-B, and 92% of grades A* to C, again an improvement upon last year. What is also pleasing is that in excess of 90% of WGS pupils gained their 1st Choice places at University, with other pupils successfully achieving their goal to move straight into employment or degree apprenticeships.

As the Headmaster of WGS, I have been impressed with the continued dedication of pupils to their studies and their overall resilience in the face of adversity. The teaching staff have worked tirelessly to minimise disruptions and deliver new ways of teaching that embrace technology, harnessing new innovations and revolutionising teaching; changes that we will continue to develop in the future.  It is these intrinsic behaviours that form the cornerstone of my vision for the school, to teach the skills today that the world needs tomorrow.  There is no doubt in my mind that a by-product of the pandemic, and the challenges faced by these pupils, will result in this wave of young people being better prepared than ever before for the next stage of their journeys .

The process this year has been more defined, with quality assurance on teacher assessments being carried out both internally and externally by JCQ and all the exam boards. These results are a testament to the professionalism of the teachers and pupils, working together to ensure that the assessment system is both accurate and robust. For this, I am immensely proud of everyone’s contributions in the ever changing landscape of assessment.

My final comment is one that goes to the U6th personally: Whilst we strive for academic excellence, our philosophy at WGS is to enrich your education with key skills and behaviours that allow you to step with positivity and confidence into the outside world.  With all the difficulties faced and dealt with, these skills have truly come to the fore.  Remember my clear message to you after the end of term in July – You only get one chance to make a first impression, remember everything is important, so be excellent. People notice excellence. Stand out and become unforgettable”.

Chris Staley BA MBA, Headmaster


Outstanding individual academic performances:

Ruth Logan (4 A* grades) Cambridge (Architecture)

Tilly Kerman-Staley (3 A* grades) Bath (Biology)

Silvi Rathod (3 A* grades) King’s College, London (Economics)

Ruini Qin (3 A* grades and an A) Warwick (Accounting and Finance)

Beatrice Winder (3 A* grades and an A) Durham (Natural Sciences)

Rosie Muspratt (2 A* grades and an A) Leeds (Fashion Design)

Jack Robb (3 A* grades), one of our Heads of School, York (Accounting and Business Management)

Sheng Ge (2 A* and 2 A grades) UCL (Mathematics).

Georgina Avery (A* and 2 A grades), our Head of School, and will go on to study Medicine.

Laura Sol (3 A grades) – Medicine

Felicity Wright (A* and 2 A grades)- Medicine

Yusuf Ahmad (2 A* grades and an A) – Medicine

Christopher Lemagnen (2A* , an A and a B grade) – Nottingham University (Product Design and Manufacture)


No matter what the future holds for all of our pupils, the door to WGS will always be open and we look forward to hearing their news and stories as they progress onto the next part of their journey.