Sport roundup 23-1-18

23rd January 18


09:30 Sat
20 Jan 18          1st VII  Away     King’s Ely         Won : 28 – 26                1st VII vs Kings School, Ely

Following last Saturday’s close result, the team trained hard this week and were determined not to be in such a pressurised situation at the end of the match again. We had worked on through court timing and whole court defence. The attacking end had continued to develop their positioning and feeding and the defence had tried to master some goal line throw-in routines that would ensure we got the ball out safely.

It was an early start on Saturday and we had in our minds how close the result had been in the previous season. It was time to beat Kings Ely and the team felt confident.

The first quarter started a little slowly and we found ourselves 4-1 down within the first few minutes. However, we quickly shook this off and came back into the game strongly, moving the ball swiftly and safely from defence to attack. The timing through the centre third was much better and the feeders were able to find both Ellie and Ella easily. Ella held her space well and started to grow in confidence, creating the space that she wanted in the D. The defence end played their part in getting the score to 6-4 to WGS at quarter time, with Annie and Katie picking up tips and rebounds to turn the ball over and Leena offering excellent support up the court.

The second quarter saw WGS extend this lead by 1, showing we could hold and score from our own centre passes. We did send a number of loose balls but once again the through court defence and circle defenders marked tightly and made numerous tips, winning the ball back from under the opponents’ goal. The score at half time was 12-9 to WGS. We knew that we had to hold our nerve and work hard to try and extend the lead further.

The third quarter, however, highlighted how momentum can change a game of netball. Kings started to move the ball at speed and we didn’t react or try to slow them down. Our heads went down a little as they scored a number of goals on the bounce, to bring them back level. They also scored a penalty shot just on the 3/4 time whistle, meaning they went into the final break one goal up at 18-19.

This was exactly the position we didn’t want to be in and a lesson to the team to play their own game. We felt we were the better team and just had to put more pressure on to turn the ball over and convert it into goals at our end. And that is what we did. The whole team went all out to take tips and interceptions. We got arms over the ball and put Kings under pressure, especially as they were shooting. Hetty and Hannah worked hard to offer and re-offer for the ball and were patient when feeding it in. Catherine always supported the centre court and despite taking some hard hits, Ellie once again proved her strength and growing confidence, dominating their GD and working well with Ella to get the ball into the D. At one point we went 5 goals ahead and the win looked safe. At 2 minutes to go, we backed off a little and allowed them to take a few easy turn overs. But we had gotten ourselves far enough ahead and when the final whistle went at 28-26 to WGS we were elated. The team embraced and it was all smiles.

The feeling for both players and coaches when training and hard work come to fruition cannot really be put into words. It was so important that we not only won this fixture but that we played well. The processes of getting to the result are what were important and the belief as a team that we could push on and come back from a goal down is one we must remember.

The whole team must be commended for their performance and congratulations to Hetty for captaining the side and leading from the front in terms of hard work.

The Player of the Match went to Ella Beckett, who has not only grown in confidence but as Heidi Milton has instilled in her, has owned her shooting D. She took the space she wanted and has listened and worked hard in training to get from the tournament 2 weeks ago to the performance she put in during this match. Well done Ella.

Thanks again go to Mrs Walton for umpiring and to Heidi, who has officially become our number 1 supporter, an advisor in attack and the calming voice in my ear!

This result and the two wins from both the U15 and 14 teams is just the start of what is going to be an exciting week from netball at Wisbech Grammar School. On Monday night the courts will be officially opened by Natalie Panagarry of Loughborough Lightning and England. The senior and U15 girls are looking forward to the training session she will be doing and then the 1st VII will try to put their coaching into action on Tuesday afternoon against St Neots.

Weeks like this one are what makes players, parents and coaches proud to be part of Netball at WGS.

Ella Beckett


10:00 Sat
20 Jan 18          Girls-U15A        Home   King’s Ely         Won : 25 – 10               

On Saturday 20 January the U15A team had a home match against King’s Ely. Following an intense warm up, the squad of 9 started strongly winning the first ¼ 6-2. Their timing down the court showed improvement from last week and our shooters moved well and held strongly in the circle, playing with greater confidence. In the defensive circle, our defenders marked tightly and put their opponents under a lot of pressure. This led to a lot of turnovers, which our midcourters moved down the court for our attackers to convert to goals. Our midcourters also took a number of interceptions, adding to the goal tally. The final score was 25-10. A very pleasing performance, which we shall continue to build upon until our next fixture against Wymondham College. Player of the match this week was Lily Amps for her excellent strength in our attacking circle. She held well, timed her movements to free her from her defender at exactly the right moment and had a high shot percentage.







10:00 Sat
20 Jan 18          Girls-U14A        Home   King’s Ely         Won : 22 – 15               

The U14’s started strongly going several goals ahead quickly due to some great defensive work from the whole team. Abby & Emily in the defence made it very hard for Ely to get in a shooting position & when we got the ball the play flowed down the court to the shooters, who were on form. In the second quarter, the play continued to flow, Sophie & Imogen timing their runs to create space. The U14s could really have pushed ahead but unfortunately, a lot of shots were missed even though we had more of the play. The third quarter saw much better shooting & the lead was extended with quality play from the girls, working well as a team to create the space to drive into. The last quarter saw a lot of interceptions from both teams and was very low scoring with play becoming too fast again with passes lost. Due to the hard work already done to get a good lead they still came away with their first win of the season 22-15.

Quarter scores: 9-3; 13-7; 20-11, 22-15.

Player of the match was Rhianna, at centre a key play maker for the team picking up some great interceptions and strong in attack. She showed some excellent netball skills today, well done. Great team work and thinking about positioning and space really enabled the girls to play some lovely netball. Well done to all the team.



16:30 Wed
17 Jan 18          Greyhounds     Home   Thomas Deacon Academy Boys-U16A   Won : 7-2                    

The Greyhounds started the better and moved the ball to create chances. Ball pace was high and tackles were low and strong. This start was capitalised on as Wisbech went 1-0 ahead. This built momentum and confidence on the ball grew. More goals went in and by half time 3 players were competing for a hattrick!

The second half started as a more evenly matched affair. Wisbech perhaps grew over-confident and indulged for too long on the ball. Thomas Deacon scores their first of the game attacking at pace and creating space within the Greyhounds half. Wisbech soon bounced back, scoring their 7th by going back to successful hockey they played in the first half by moving the ball. Time passed by with chances being made down either end of the pitch. Jack Robb and William Gilbert played in their first game for the senior squad and held their own very well. The game drew towards the end where TDA scored their second and also the final goal of the game.

Todays first half performance was enough to win the game. The positives of moving the ball on quickly were evidently effective and pave the way forward for future matches.


14:30 Wed
17 Jan 18          Boys-U13A       Home   Bedford Boys School    Lost : 0-11                   

There was no doubt this was a difficult opening fixture against high-quality opposition but the boys all played with a positive spirit and fought hard to the end.

The defenders, Mason Slender and Bradley Rideout were under constant pressure and made some good tackles. WGS did have some nice passing moves, with a few near misses in attack.

The half time team talk was all about playing at a higher tempo and the boys responded well. The second half performance was much improved and the three midfield players Harvey Davies, Alfie Hoyles and Alastair Kerry started to link the play much better. Joe Miller had a good game with some tenacious tackling and Ollie Taylor tracked back well to support the midfield.

Man of the match was goalkeeper Ashton Webb who made many excellent saves.

Many thanks to all the supporters on a bitterly cold afternoon.



14:30 Wed
17 Jan 18          Boys-U13B       Home   Bedford Boys School    Draw : 3-3                    

The under 13B team battled hard in what was an evenly matched game throughout.

The visitors started the better and controlled more of the possession but Wisbech took the lead by reacting first to a rebound from a shot at the top of the D. The 2 centre backs, Callum Porter and Phoenix Sherry, tackled well and won the ball back when outnumbered on numerous occasions; however a counter attack saw Bedford capitalise and levelled the score going into half time.

Wisbech addressed their weaknesses when play resumed and their positional awareness improved. Unfortunately, though, Bedford scored their second to go 2-1 ahead. Wisbech kept fighting and the defence kept winning the ball back. During the middle 10 minutes of the second half, the home side found themselves on top: a superb short corner found the side board of the goal; quickly followed by a mis-kick from the Bedford keeper, and Wisbech were back in the lead. 3-2. Time drew closer to the end where the game finished with a final short corner for the visitors. The shot on goal was the best of the game, and even Joseph Bly’s diving effort was sadly not enough to keep the ball out.

For the first fixture of their season, the under 13B’s demonstrated excellent potential and a great platform to build upon looking forward.


14:30 Wed
17 Jan 18          Boys-U11A       Away     Bedford Boys School    Lost : 0-9                     

The U11A team took to the road for their first fixture with a trip to Bedford Boys School. Playing thirds, the WGS team worked hard in the first third, succumbing to three late goals. With the emphasis on tighter marking throughout the pitch, the WGS team showed some mettle to restrict the opposition to fewer clear cut chances during the remainder of the game, though they were unable to repel all the attacks seeing Bedford score a further 6 goals across the final two thirds.

A tough start for the team, though one that showed areas for improvement, those being individual marking and team defensive formational play.

Next up Beeston on Saturday.

Mr Jarvis


14:30 Wed
17 Jan 18          Boys-U11B       Away     Bedford Boys School    Lost : 0-9                     

Playing alongside the A team away at Bedford, the U11B team took to the field on a sunny but cold day. With the opposition playing the ball well between their players the WGS team struggled to gain a foothold in the game, though to their credit they never stopped running for the whole game. With the opposition pressing high up the pitch the WGS defence struggled to clear their lines, leading to 4 goals being conceded in the first third. A similar theme was evident in the final two thirds, though credit the team they did manage to create a number of scoring opportunities with the Bedford GK repelling them.

As with the A team, individual marking and team formational play are the key areas to work on in training.

Mr Jarvis