Brick by brick, 300,000 times! The incredible Lego city of Bricksberg

8th December 21

Lego has been a family favourite for over 70 years and for Lower 6th Form pupil Samuel Fairbrother, his fascination started when he was eight years old.

Over the years he has accumulated an enormous collection Lego sets and has constructed models of Big Ben and Tower Bridge over the years. However, the latest creation from Samuel, his own Lego city of Bricksberg, is an extraordinary display of planning, dedication, creativity and attention to detail.

Bricksberg is a thriving town with everything its’ residents might need including shops, garages and emergency services. Entertainment is certainly the order of the day for the citizens with a cinema and a recently completed theme park with a merry-go-round, Ferris wheel and motor controlled roller coaster.  Future projects include the addition of a haunted house and a bookshop.

Undoubtedly the highlight though, is an App controlled train that runs through the town.

To give some context to the scale of Samuels incredible creation, Bricksberg has been built in a purpose built shed (mum insisted when they moved in to their house!) and is estimated to contain over 300,000 bricks!

Samuel’s talents are not just confined to spare time at home, he and Dad Adam have been responsible for organising a Fenland Lego exhibition to help inspire other people to enhance their experience.

There will probably be no prizes for guessing what might be on Samuel’s Christmas list!