6th Form

Academic learning is at the heart of everything we do, but our 6th Form is about opening as many doors as possible for pupils and making their next step one that makes the most of their potential.  We encourage them to look beyond the classroom and prepare 6th Form pupils for the wider world with a lot more than a series of impressive results.

Miss Kate Taylor, Head of 6th Form

Universities and employers acknowledge that academic achievement is very important, but at the same time they are also looking for life skills, employability, resilience, initiative, and independence – and that’s exactly what our 6th Form experience delivers.

Our pupils take ownership of their learning by furthering their profile academically and indulging their interests outside the classroom. By taking on leading roles, such as Senior Prefect, Team Captain or leading an extra-curricular activity, they demonstrate responsibility and maturity. Similarly, more pupils than ever before are taking Duke of Edinburgh Silver or Gold awards, which shows fantastic life-skills and commitment.

Our pupils are supported by both pastoral and academic staff who encourage the 6th Form to challenge themselves, pursue their passions and develop the resilience to cope with current and future demands. Through a holistic education, pupils leave the 6th Form with both the skills and mindset needed to enter the ‘real world’ with confidence and strive to be the very best that they can be. This encapsulates the ethos of the 6th Form at Wisbech Grammar School; the young adults in our 6th Form community are truly well-rounded and inspiring.