WGS celebrates excellent GCSE results- with ‘the year group that does’

20th August 20

A real cause for celebration at Wisbech Grammar School as it celebrates excellent GCSE results this morning for the ‘year group that does’. by Chris Staley Headmaster at WGS

This morning saw a real sense of relief, satisfaction, and happiness after days of increased stress and anxiety following the publication of A ‘level results last week and a sense of ‘how bad might it be’ for the GCSE results today. With the decision to accept Centrally Assessed Grades for pupils, derived from a huge amount of data collected from teaching staff as well as their innate understanding of the pupils they teach, has resulted in an overwhelming sense of certainty, justification, and joy for pupils, parents, and teachers. So much of 2020 has been ‘unprecedented’ and the fact that today pupils have been awarded the grades they deserved has been a particular high point for me since schools were closed and lockdown began back in March.

The results themselves indicate the following:

  • Level 9: 13% of all exams sat
  • Level 8 and 9: 27% of all exams sat
  • Level 7,8 and 9: 46% of all exams sat

With the top 3 grades/ levels making up close to 50% of all GCSE taken, it would be an understatement to say that I am nothing short of delighted and incredibly proud of everyone associated with the results this year. The pass rate is at 98% overall and there are several pupils who have now received an excellent GCSE profile to springboard them onto our 6th form. It has been very easy for those outside education and public life/ news commentators to characterise this year as being one where children have lost out on this and not done that and paint an entire picture of doom, gloom, and negativity. My interpretation has been the polar opposite: I believe it is important to imbue in our pupils and staff that at times of greatest challenge we need to pull together, be positive and look for the opportunities that arise (which they have done and will continue to do so) and make the most of them. We have seen our pupils and staff (ably supported by parents) showing real resilience in the face of adversity, the ability to adapt to changing circumstances, utilise new teaching and learning methods to achieve their learning aims and overcome all obstacles thrown at them- and there have been several and I expect there to be many more as term recommences in a little over 2 weeks time.

Like the A ‘level cohort last week, this GCSE year group and to a wider extent the WGS school community has proved itself to be filled with ‘people who can and people who do’. Chris Staley Headmaster at WGS

Highlights from results

  • Eden Chamberlain James who achieved six grade 9’s and other fantastic results
  • Lucy Prior gained ten GCSE’s of grade 7 or more ( seven of which were the top grade 9’s)
  • Nestor Bausbacher achieved six grade 9’s and all nine GCSE’s were of grade 7 or above
  • Reuben Cartwright achieved five grade 9’s making this another pupil who gained all his GCSE’s at grade 7 or higher.
  • Both George Gowler and Luc Widdowson achieved three grade 9’s and all of their GCSE’s at grade 7 or above