Reception pupils spark their imagination at Petite Street, Holbeach

14th February 20

The Reception Class went on a visit today to Petite Street role-play centre in Holbeach. As it is the last week of term, Mrs Oram (Reception Teacher) thought it would be a lovely way to finish this half terms Topic, People Who Help Us.

Petite Street is a place imaginations are encouraged to wander free, with themed rooms promoting communication and language skills, as well as building on the knowledge of the world and people in it.

The children enjoyed pretending to be all the different occupations, that they have been learning all about in class.

The centre had a veterinary surgery, doctors, police station, fire station, builders yard, petrol station, a post office, and a café. The children had lots of fun taking part in role-playing all the different occupations using and developing their speech and language skills.

They were great at bringing to life all of their imagination skills playing the part of doctors, policemen, vets and many more. The children stopped for snacks mid-morning and then later had a picnic lunch before returning to school. Lots of fun had by all. (especially the grown-ups).