Reception pupils learn all about keeping healthy from School nurses

6th February 20

Hanna and Cassie the school nurses, visited the Reception class to talk to the children about their role as a nurse and all about the different jobs they do. They brought in different types of equipment that they may use as part of their position to look after people and explained what they were called and used for.

They also shared with the children all about how to keep their bodies healthy, they burst a balloon filled with confetti to demonstrate how germs can be spread when you cough or sneeze. The nurses then showed the children and talked to them about the importance of washing your hands properly to help to stop germs from spreading.

They put hand cream on all the children’s hands; then they dipped in glitter to represent the germs on their hands, which stayed on their hands until they washed them really well. The children were taught a song all about washing their hands and sang it while they practiced. Lots of fun learning was had by all.