Kindergarten pupils explore space; to infinity and beyond

10th January 20

This week all of the children in Kindergarten have been thinking of ideas for our new topic this term, which is all about ‘Exploring Space’. We had lots of different ideas from the children, telling us what they already know about space. Some of the ideas included: it’s dark, rockets go there, planets, stars, and the moon is in space. Once we had finished discovering out what the children already knew about space, we then asked the children to have a think about what they would like to learn while we study this topic. The children had great fun thinking of different ideas and came up with some fantastic questions.

Kindergarten children have also been making their very own rocket! The children enjoyed painting and creating their rocket and cannot wait for the first mission to the moon, which is taking place on Monday 13 January!

By having an input into making the rocket, it has promoted some fantastic space language and has inspired some of the children into thinking about how real rockets are made.

Next week we cannot wait to explore the questions that the children have asked and find out more about space! To infinity and beyond!