Shapes and Sparkles are the topics this week for our ‘Kindergarten Stars’

4th November 19

Last week Kindergarten children explored shapes and numbers. They have been playing maths games and partaking in shape hunts around the Kindergarten environment. The children have enjoyed using the whiteboards to create their own shapes and numbers and have even started to write the initial sound of the shape and the number of sides. We have been speaking about the properties of basic 2D shapes and are now starting to introduce 3D shapes.

Today our ‘Kindergarten Stars’ have been making their very own firework pictures based on the fireworks that they went to see at the weekend. We spoke about the different colours they saw and the sounds that they heard. There were some fantastic impressions of fireworks and great recalling of events from the weekend. Once it came time to start their very own pictures,  the children were very excited to get the glitter out and had great fun exploring and designing their own media.

Being part of the wider community of our Prep School is a great advantage for all Kindergarten children as they also get to know our Reception teacher, Mrs Oram and other key members of the EYFS team. Discover more at our next open morning on Saturday November 30, 1000 – 1130