Our Kindergarten Stars enjoyed their week ‘Swimmingly’

25th September 19

Exploring a sound walk in the grounds of the school on Monday, the kindergarten children put on their ‘big ears’ and listened to what sounds we could hear. We spoke about how different the sound of the wind blowing was to the sound of birds singing and how each sound is unique and individual. 

Tuesday saw their first swimming lesson of the school year with all the children enjoying playing with the pool toys and having a fabulous time with the swimming staff. Mrs Webb gave all of the children a sticker for having such an amazing first swimming lesson.

The ‘Stars’ first German lesson on Wednesday with Mrs Skinner saw the children learning a German rabbit song with actions. Mrs Skinner then introduced three colours, red, yellow and green, to the children in a traffic light display.   

The children started to collect autumn objects for their texture tray on Thursday as they went on their environmental walk. They then started their autumn spider diagram, sharing what they already knew about autumn.

By the time Friday came, the children were excited for their morning P.E lesson. They enjoyed playing ball game and started to learn how to throw and catch.