6th Formers have a ‘splashingly’ good time at Rutland Water Induction Day

9th July 19

On Friday 28 June the Wisbech Grammar School 6th Form intake for 2019/20 went to Rutland Water to take part on their Induction Day. The pupils took part in lots of team building activities with their new form groups which included raft building, a treasure hunt and different tasks and challenges. The day encouraged team building, problem solving and working together effectively as a community, whilst expectations of pupils in the Lower and Upper Sixth Form respectively were outlined. The whole event was finished off with a BBQ and some awards from the event providers, Rutland Adventure.

6th Form Pupil Ellise Hayes gave her outlook on the day:

“In raft building we were given 4 barrels, 4 lengths of rope, and 4 slats of wood. Using this equipment we had to build a raft in 20 minutes. Then we had to race them in two teams within our form groups and those with the fastest combined time at the end won a mystery prize. The treasure hunt was an activity which made us communicate with each other to work towards answering the most questions correctly to again gain a mystery prize, which turned out to be royal air force pop sockets. The last activity of the day was the team building activities which consisted of many mini games such as tennis, United Kingdom, blindfolded activity and many more fun challenges.

All of these activities allowed us to get to know the people joining our form and work together as a group to complete each activity. I enjoyed these because we were able to speak to people we might not have spoken to before and form good relationships with them which will enable us to support each other next year. They were all a lot of fun and my favourite was the raft building as it was very competitive and we all equally helped to build the raft. Another one of my highlights was throwing balls at different people in certain sequences whilst saying their names which definitely helped me learn and remember their names.”

 After a successful day the pupils returned to Wisbech Grammar School, knowing that they can hit the ground running in September when they start 6th Form, with the added bonus of being based in the new Dwight 6th Form Centre.

 Deputy Head of 6th Form Alex Laybourne said:

“Rutland Water is always a great induction day for our pupils where they gain a number of skills and benefit from some quality time together. As well as benefiting the pupils, it also allows tutors to get to know their tutees really well; and also allows the 6th Form Team to see a different side of the pupils outside of their day-to-day academic, sport and co-curricular contributions at school. We are really looking forward to welcoming everyone back in September to our new 6th Form Centre and what will be a hugely successful 2019/20.”