Prep 4 Pupils ‘Buzzing’ after trip to Hinchingbrooke Country Park

21st March 19

As part of their Geography and English work, Prep 4 pupils attended a ‘Meet the Bees’ workshop held by Huntingdon Bee Keepers Association at Hinchingbrooke Country Park. Roger Wood along with his two colleagues, talked to the children about how a bee hive works, the different species of bees, how honey is made and the importance to us of the bees in the natural world. The beehives were opened up for the children to view from the viewing gallery. After lunch the children took part in a house den building competition, with Holmes being declared the overall winners.

 Also linked to the pupils work on recycling and the global issues surrounding the disposal of waste, Prep 4 visited Amey Cespa in Waterbeach. Jon Crisp led the class in many activities (practical sorting, quizzes, and film clips) looking at what can be recycled and what cannot. The children were given a tour of the site focussing on the separation of materials and the making of compost. After lunch the children made a plant pot from newspaper to take home.