Taking the Stage 4 October 2018

15th October 18

Due to popular demand, the ‘open mic’ event at WGS can no longer accommodate all our loyal supporters, so we happily delivered both a P5 and evening performance of pupil-generated acts, entertaining a combined audience of over one hundred pupils, staff and family members.

Miles Whittaker set the standard high with his Magic Circle tricks that brought an audible gasp of surprise from the audience.

Charlotte Beck offered a welcome reprise of her hit at the Trinity Concert –‘Quiet’ from ‘Matilda’.  The song requires significant breath control and makes dynamic demands, but Charlotte has mastered the switch from frantic to quiet with assurance.

TJ Bisla and Ethan Croker created a fine sense of the ridiculous with their adaptation of the Fry and Laurie sketch ‘Toaster’.  There are no spoilers here, but Ethan should not be allowed to carry a whisk in public places, and TJ clearly needs to re-evaluate his expectations of domestic household appliances.

Charley Kirby brought another successful collaboration to the stage when she and Ellie Dix accompanied themselves on piano and ukulele for a lively version of ‘I’m Yours’, and then shared her new solo composition of ‘Burning Sun’ which will be commercially released shortly as part of the New Music initiative with TwentyTwenty Productions.

A trio of 4th Form boys, Ben Eden, Charlie Edinburgh and Callum Duncan, made Ed Sheran’s ‘Castle on the hill’ poignant, timely and harmonious.  We look forward to seeing them develop as an entertaining set.

Adding a classical element to the event Maddie Brown was accompanied by Mrs Missin for her polished performance of ‘Comedic Song’ on the flute.

Eleanor Bannister and Lilian Ley bravely gave us their rendition of ‘Titanium’.  These were young performers who mastered their nerves, enjoyed the challenge and will undoubtedly be back for more next time.

Mrs Missin lent her expertise and support again when Druce Purves sang ‘Joanna’ from ‘Sweeny Todd’.  He had a rich, melodious tone and expressed a vulnerability that was totally engaging in the comfortable and supportive environment that ‘Taking the Stage’ engenders.

As always, it was a privilege to be in the same space as the pupils at WGS who embrace this opportunity to share their passion and their talents, and we encourage you to join us next time.