1st and 2nd Form House activity day

15th June 18

On Friday 8 June, at the end of a long week of exams, all pupils in the 1st and 2nd Form were given the opportunity to try something a little different.


The four Houses, Clarkson, Holmes, Peckover and Sparks took on three challenges, all of which required them to work as a team to win points.


In the Tower and bridge building activity, pupils were tasked to build the tallest tower and longest bridge they could. The only problem was they had a limited amount of paper, thread and sticky tape. Under the watchful eye of Mr Harrison, each House had to work out the best way to engineer their structure, in order to take first place.


In Mr Rodriguez’s Photo orienteering challenge, pupils had to decipher where to go on the school grounds to find a clue. They had to deduce where it was from a close up photograph, get there as quickly as they could and gather in a letter. After finding all 8, they had to be the first team to work out an anagram. In the 3 sessions of this activity, Sparks took two wins and Pekover one.


The third and arguably favourite activity of the day was the team challenge set up by Mr Garfoot. Pupils had to work closely together to walk with long planks of wood on their feet and pass each other through a raised hoop. Most of them got a little wetter than envisaged when they had to get a ball from the bottom of their pipe by filling it with water, so the ball floated to the top. However, the pipe was full of holes, as where the buckets they used to carry the water. Amidst a great deal of screaming, Clarkson were one of the only Houses to complete the task.


The finale of the day was the tug-of-war. Every pupil took part for their House, applying as much strength as possible to beat their opposition.  It was Clarkson who were unbeatable and clearly the other three Houses need to work on their strength.

At the end of a really enjoyable day, testing their ingenuity, leadership, team work and ability to think outside the box, the final results were as follows.


Joint 1st place- Sparks and Clarkson

3rd place- Peckover

4th place- Holmes


I would like to thank all the pupils for taking part with so much enthusiasm and all of the staff who organised and help run the activities.

Mrs Goodier