A lesson on Islam, first hand, as Magdalene House pupils visit a mosque

15th May 18

Prep 6 recently visited the Faizan – E – Madinah Mosque in Peterborough.  They spent the morning looking around the building learning all about the five pillars of Islam. Their guide was the Imam Hafiz who shared his knowledge of Islam and told them all about his visit to Mecca for Haji.


The pupils were able to visit the wash facilities and the Madrassa area, and Hafiz showed the children the different Holy texts and the Koran. He explained how the Mosque has five daily prayer times and demonstrated where he would stand to lead prayers. Afterwards, everyone had a drink and a snack and were able to ask questions. Hafiz thanked the children for their visit and said he had really enjoyed meeting and helping them find answers to their questions about the Islamic faith.