“I want to wake up in a city that never sleeps…”

1st May 18


Art trip to New York 2018

Have you ever tried to see everything that New York has to offer in 4 days? That is exactly what the Art Departmental trip to New York did at the very start of the Easter holiday. The School broke up for the holiday just after 4pm, and twelve hours later three staff (Mr Stump, Mrs Cooper and Mrs Feaviour) and 23 bleary-eyed 4th,5th & L6th Form pupils were stepping on to a coach to head off to the big apple. The trip was amazing, full of sights, Art, fun, shopping and energy!

No sooner had the pupils dropped their bags in the central Manhattan 4 star hotel after a 14-hour journey they were walking round the corner to zoom up the lift to the top of the Empire state building for their first view of that famous view at night.

Over the next three days literally miles were covered exploring major Art galleries such as the Guggenheim, walking across Brooklyn bridge, eating in the Hard Rock Café in Times Square, enjoying a Broadway show and popping into Bloomingdales to spend some money!

If you have been to New York, you will understand that the buzz of the city is experienced through the sights, sounds, food and 24-hour energy. Everyone on the trip had a wonderful time and from the quiet contemplation of the infinity pools at the sight of 9/11, the view of the Statue of Liberty from the Staten Island ferry, to the hectic crush of the subway. As an Art trip, the works seen in MOMA and the Metropolitan Museum was simply phenomenal; it was trip that will be remembered by all.