Raiders and Invaders

19th March 18

On Thursday 15 March, the Prep School was the scene of a Viking invasion! Prep 4 pupils dressed up and took part in a series of activities with Ash the visiting Viking from Horrible Histories.

In the morning pupils learnt about weapons and warfare and recreated their own very fierce shield wall. They then learnt about daily life and had lots of fun dressing up Mrs Neaves and Mrs Beck as a rich lady and a pauper – even if they did get their teachers the wrong way around! The afternoon was spent playing games learning about the foods that Vikings ate and trying to move their Viking longships from one end of the hall to the other. We all realised how the Gods weren’t always favourable but there wasn’t much that could be done about it. Probably the most entertaining exercise was when the children took on the roles of Thor, his wife, Loki and a group of dwarves. Through storytelling and role play the children learnt how Thor got his hammer and the very mischievous Loki ended up with his mouth being stitched up! The day ended in a sombre mood as the group recreated a Viking burial at sea; it was fascinating to see all the items that went on board the ship with our corpse. There were two dead peasants, some hunting dogs, plenty of food for feasting in Valhalla and of course the lady’s armour. The day was fun filled and action packed and everybody learnt lots about the Vikings in preparation for next term’s History topic.