Netball update 15-01-18

15th January 18

Here are the netball reports for the last week.                                                                                               

11:00 Sat
13 Jan 18         

1st VII                

Lost : 26 – 27                    

1st extended squad vs Ratcliffe

Following last week’s tournament, the players who have been training had worked hard to improve fitness, shooting percentage, movement in the attacking D, timing down court and throw-ins.

Our aim for this match was to put these processes into practice and play controlled, confident netball, where the whole team attacked together and the whole team defended together.

From the first whistle, we drove out at speed and did show good confidence. In the first quarter, we started to find our timing in the attacking third and got the ball in accurately to our GA and GS, who slotted shots away. We put good pressure on across the court in defence and forced the opposition to make some errors. Our goal line passes were also more decisive and the defence gave good back up down the court. The score at the end of this period was 9-5 to WGS, which gave us confidence to keep our level of play high. In the second quarter, our movement into attack and ball into the D were not quite as decisive and we rushed some passes, resulting in us losing possession. We needed to look for the feeds over the top to Ella, who had held some good space. At half time, the score was 13-12 to WGS.

Going into the second quarter, we changed the GA/GS combination and Catherine stepped in with confidence. The scoreline continued to go one for one, making each centre pass vital. Both teams played well timed, flowing netball but equally made some handling errors that turned the ball over. At the last change of ends, WGS were still up 19-18, meaning we had to hold our nerve for the last 12 minutes. It again went goal for goal and the WGS defence took some good interceptions and put effective pressure on, winning the ball. It came down to the final 30 seconds, with the score at 26-26. We had a penalty shot under the post which we unfortunately missed and then Ratcliffe took the ball quickly to their GS, who scored on the final whistle, making the final score 26-27 to them.

If we look at this purely as a result, to lose by 1 goal is frustrating. However, if we look at the process, we made huge improvements from last week and last year against this team. We learned that in the last few seconds, it is vital to hold the ball up and keep possession. Across the court, the attacking unit listened carefully to coaching and tried hard to put this onto court. They showed so much more confidence and understanding of movement than last week, and they must remember this going into next week’s match. The defensive unit got better from quarter to quarter and both GK and GD met the targets they were set for interceptions.

Despite me being on the edge of my seat (I wasn’t actually sitting down!) for 48 minutes, I was very proud of the teams’ performance and effort. It was 100% better than last week and we have some exciting work to do this week in training to get ready for the match against Kings.

The player of the match went to Ellie Payne-English at GA. She showed skill and flair, she kept her head up and moved with confidence. She was always there as an option, shot accurately, took rebounds (!!!) and listened to coaching advice. Well done Ellie.

Thank you also goes to Mrs Walton for umpiring and to Heidi for her invaluable help with the attacking unit.

Eleanor Payne-English


11:00 Sat
13 Jan 18         

Greyhounds  vs Ratcliffe College           Won : 21 – 16                   

First match of the season for Greyhounds got off to a great start. The team seemed to gel very quickly from the whistle passing well down the court and supporting each other in both attack and defence leaving the score 8-3 to WGS at the end of the first quarter. Nerves, however, got to the girls in the 2nd quarter and after scoring only 1 goal we were only 2 goals ahead at half time. The third quarter improved with better movement down the court and some fabulous play by both Ophelia Crawford and Lucy Mclnerney enabled the team to stretch ahead by 3 goals. In the last quarter the girls attacked hard and were much more vocal on court fighting for every ball. Claudia Naylor continued to put pressure on their GS and her interceptions along with a full team effort enabled them to pull ahead further. A fantastic first match and very exciting! Final score 21-16 to WGS Player of the match Lucy Mclnerney.


10:30 Sat
13 Jan 18         

Girls-U15B  vs Stephen Perse Foundation         Lost : 9 – 30                     

A tough first matches for the U15B team as Perse had some very tall players in their team which made it difficult for the defence to get any interceptions as the ball just went over their heads. The team had a lot of shooting opportunities but couldn’t always find the net & they struggled to get any rebounds. There was some lovely passages of play through the court when players were driving towards the ball. Elle Padmore at WA/C worked extremely hard & was a key player for the team. Final score a loss 9-30

Quarter scores: 3-8; 4-20; 5-24; 9-30

Player of the match was awarded to Victoria Garner at GA with the last qtr at GS, tried really hard to get free & move within the shooting circle, keeping positive the whole match.


11:30 Sat
13 Jan 18         

Girls-U14A  vs Stephen Perse Foundation         Lost : 8 – 32                     

First match of the season against as well drilled side. Great work in the defence end Emily Thomas at GK picking up lots of interceptions against a very tall GS. Overall the U14’s had some good play but it was tough getting the ball safely to the shooters. Megan Culley at GS scored the majority of the goals today one from the edge of the circle at the end of the 3rd qtr after a penalty had been awarded. Unfortunately, in the last qtr the U14’s struggled & look tired & the match slipped away. Final score 8-32

Qtr scores: 2-6; 4-10; 7-18; 8-32

Player of the match was Izzy Gowler who played WA, drove out at the centre pass throughout the match & was key in the attacking end.


09:30 Sat
13 Jan 18    

Girls-U13A  vs  Stamford High School for Girls     Won : 22 – 20                                

WSG U13A team took to the court for their first game of the season against Stamford. The girls looked confident and soon found the net to sink the first goal. The girls went 3-0 up until Stamford found their feet and started to fight back. Keira and Octavia defended well but there was some confusion bringing the ball up through court and it was sometimes difficult to see a clean feed into Sharon at GS.
With a quick quarter time chat and a change of combinations in the defence to bring on GK Tia, all this was corrected by Octavia at GD helping to bring the ball out of the defence with Alice at C safely passing into the attacking third. Sharon now found her front hold and with some great movement in the D between Sharon and Alana the shots were sailing in. Half time score 12-9 to Stamford.

Second half the girls came out with their aim to tighten up their marking and patiently wait for the correct pass into the attack. With every player tight on Stamford, we managed to force them to make errors and several of Stamford’s balls sailed off the court. With patient play from Alice and Jess in the mid court, the ball was brought through the attack and safely found Sharon and Alana in excellent shooting positions.

In a nail-biting last 10 mins WGS found themselves 5 goals ahead but with a slight dip in concentration from the whole team with the defending skills, Stamford managed to score three goals on the bounce. But again WGS tightened up and with excellent communication and patient safe play, they took the win 22-20.
POM was difficult to call today as every player on the court listened well to instruction and did exactly what they needed to do. But coaches player goes to Octavia Kerman-Staley taking up the GD bib today. Octavia read the game exceptionally well, marked tightly out in the court and supported the ball up and safely passed it into the attack.

A really positive first match for the U13s – Well done girls!


10:20 Sat
13 Jan 18         

Girls-U12A vs Stamford High School for Girls  Lost : 6 – 9                       

Within the first quarter the girls worked hard to apply what we had done in practice, they defended well and turned over many balls ending 1-2 to Stamford. In the second quarter, Stamford extended their lead by 4 goals but WGS continued to work hard and disrupted their play on many occasions. The girls won the third quarter scoring 3 to Stamford’s 2. The girls were positive going into the last quarter and with a team effort Stamford only managed to score 1 goal. Final score WGS 6 – Stamford 9. Stamford awarded Player of the match to Amelia Mitchell. Well done Amelia, you worked hard as a link down the court, great feeding into the D, some fantastic interceptions and coming back on after a nasty fall.

Amelia Mitchell