Art and Textiles

The importance of creativity has never been more important in young people, it supports their development of motor, language, and social skills, decision-making, creativity, and inventiveness. The arts provides challenges for learners at all levels as well as connecting pupils with their own culture as well as with the wider world.

Art and Textiles at WGS continues to flourish. With an impressive record of achievement in all public examinations and growing pupil numbers, pupils have the opportunity to study Art and Design: Fine Art as well as Art and Design: Textiles, with many opting to study both.

Creativity, innovation and decision making will be key skills for the workforce of the future. The importance of a growth mindset, self-confidence, improved cognition communication, and self-confidence has never been more important.

Our online gallery shows the work our pupils have done across Senior School including GCSE and A- Levels; demonstrating their creativity, flair and talent.


Lower 6th Form Sketchbooks Art and Textiles examples 2020

A Level Art and Textiles Exhibition 2019

GCSE Art and Textiles Exhibition 2019

Gallery of 1st Form pupils 2020

2nd Form print experiments 2020

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