Returning to School

Building confidence within the WGS Community

We want all members of our community to return to School this September with the confidence that the school is doing all it can to support your physical and mental health wellbeing. In-depth briefings have been sent out to parents and staff, before the start of term detailing the ways that we have modified our practices and routines to minimise the risk of infection from Covid-19 and to support you in your return to the school site.  Below are just some of the points that underpins  this guidance.

Social Distancing, Hygiene and Bubbles

–      Social distancing- adherence to the social distancing rules apply throughout the day where they can be met

–      Classrooms will be set up to minimise contact and practice best possible social distancing.

–      Where seating is immovable, such as in computer rooms, plastic screens have been erected to act as guards to those facing each other.

–      Screens have also been installed in other areas around the site, such as Pupil Services and the servery in the Skelton Hall.

–      Washing hands, sanitising and hygiene will continue to be a large part of keeping our community safe.

–      Classrooms and resources will be cleaned regularly.  We will be using antiviral cleaners and the our new ‘fogging’ machines extensively.

–      We are expecting all pupils to return when School commences on Thursday 3 September at 0830.

–      The pupils will become part of a ‘bubble’ during the school day (0830-1610)

–      These bubbles are zoned to specific areas during the school day.

 Pupils who present with Covid-19 Symptoms

Should pupils present with COVID symptoms during the school day, they will be accompanied and taken to the Medical Annexe. Parents will then be contacted and asked to pick them up along with any other siblings or members of their household who attend the school, as required by government guidance.

We ask that you do not send in any children who are presenting with a temperature, even when artificially lowered through the use of analgesics such as paracetamol/Calpol. Parents are advised to check their children’s temperatures before leaving home. Should they be in any doubt as to whether it is normal (i.e. under 37.8 degrees C) pupils should be kept at home and the school informed.

 Pupil Induction – Supporting Wellbeing

–      Pupils will be briefed by Classroom Teachers, Tutors and Section Teams on the first day back.

–      All new pupils will also follow a further induction programme to enable them to feel more at ease in their new surroundings.

–      Staff will all be on hand to help welcome pupils back to the site and provide guidance and reassurance.

 Drop Off

–      Only parents of Kindergarten and Reception pupils will be able to park in the car park.

–      All other parents should be simply dropping off.  Parents will not be able to stop and park.

–      Following government guidance, we will no longer be temperature screening all pupils.

–      Parents are to keep pupils at home who have a temperature reaching or exceeding 37.8°C or showing other Covid-19 symptoms.

–      We will be temperature screening all Staff each day as well as our Boarders.

Wrap Around Care

The following facets of wrap-around care will continue to be offered.

–      Breakfast Club (0745-0820)

–      Coffee Club (1610-1630)

–      Homework Club (1630-1730)

There will not be a late bus


–      Timetables will follow their normal lesson pattern.

–      All Senior School lessons will continue to be on Microsoft Teams,

–      Lesson audio and screen sharing will continue to be recorded.

–      Pupils must ensure they bring in their own stationery as this cannot be shared.

–      Our intention is to minimise pupil use of photocopiers and printers where possible.

Break Time (1025-1045) 

–      There will be no break time food offer in the Skelton Hall

–      All pupils are encouraged to bring and use their own drinks bottle to fill from water dispensers. Pupils should hand sanitise before and after use.

–      Pupils will spend break time outside or in their year group zones

 Lunch Time (1230-1315) 

Pupils and Staff must wash their hands before eating.

–      Pupils will either eat outside (weather permitting), be socially distanced or in their allocated year group zones.

–       All pupils can either bring a packed lunch or collect a hot or cold ‘grab and go’ lunch from the Skelton Hall.


Assemblies and Large Gatherings

All assemblies and larger gatherings will be virtual, with pupils remaining in year group zones/ registration rooms to view/ take part in them.


–      Members of staff will need to come into contact with pupils from different bubbles.

–      All staff will be socially distanced from all members of our community (including colleagues and visitors).  Where this is not possible, Staff will be required to wear a face shield.


Pupils are not to wear PPE once they enter the school site, as mentioned above.  Staff may need to wear PPE if appropriate social distancing is not possible.


All visitors including parents must follow the following protocol:

–      All those wishing to come on to site should only do so if a virtual meeting through either Microsoft Teams or Zoom is not possible or appropriate, or if this option has already been exhausted.

–      All visitors must have a pre-arranged appointment

–      All visitors are to wear a mask/ face covering from the moment they set foot on a school property/ exit their vehicle.

–      Masks/ Face coverings should always remain on or until a meeting room has been entered and then only if a 2m social distance can be maintained in this setting.

–      Any parent wishing to drop off materials for their son/daughter (e.g. sports kit) can do so by dropping such items in the glass porch of Pupil Services (masks/ face coverings still need to be worn at all times)

This information is correct at the time of writing/ publication but is subject to change as we received and react to updated/ new government guidance.

 If you have any questions, please contact the following:

For the Senior School:

Mr Peter Timmis (Deputy Head Pastoral) pwtimmis@wisbechgrammar.com

For the Prep School

Mrs Keryn Neaves (Senior Deputy Head Magdalene House) KNeaves@wisbechgrammar.com

Phil Lewis (Head of Marketing and Admissions) plewis@wisbechgrammar.com

+44 (0) 1945 583 631 ex 303

DDI +44 (0) 1945 586750

F: Facebook.com/WisbechGrammar

T: @WisbechGrammar


Tour of the School

For those families who did not have the opportunity to tour our School, we hope you enjoy our virtual tour and drone footage.