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    Child’s Current School or EYFS Setting

    Please provide details of the child’s current school or EYFS setting (if applicable), from which a reference may be sought.

    Details of Parents/Guardians

    Parent 1


    Parent 2


    Additional Info


    Are there any relevant Court Orders in relation to the child, as to parental responsibility, residence, contact, child arrangement, prohibited steps, specific issues or periodical payments, or in relation to the parents, if the parent is an un-discharged bankrupt or is subject to an individual voluntary arrangement?

    Will someone else other than the parents pay or guarantee fees?

    Other People with Parental Responsibility


    To comply with safeguarding advice, we need to ask for details of any siblings.

    Sibling 1


    Sibling 2


    Sibling 3


    Sibling 4


    Military Children in Education


    Wisbech Grammar School Connections

    Please give us details of any connections you may have to the School.

    ReputationFriends/FamilyProspectusAdvertisementWebsiteSocial mediaOther (please state)

    Confidential Information

    Failure to disclose relevant information may result in the School being unable to make adjustments which can be reasonably made and lead to the withdrawal of any offer. Please continue on a separate sheet if necessary.

    Do you have any concerns about the health of your child (such as defective hearing, sight problems, asthma, epilepsy, physical disabilities) which would affect his or her exam performance and/or education.

    • Are there any special details concerning the child, his or her schooling, home/personal background or friendships/relationships which the School should know about?
    • Has your child ever been on an Individual Education Plan (IEP) or given a Statement of Special Educational Needs or EHC Plan?
    • Does your child have a special educational need, learning difficulty or learning disability e.g. dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia, ADD, ASD, SLCN*?
    • Does your child have any behavioural, emotional or social difficulties such as ADHD or BESD?
    • Does your child have any allergies, food intolerances or dietary requirements?

    Please give details below.

    If you have answered questions 3, 4 and 5 above, please attach, where possible, any supporting evidence and documentation (which may include statements of SEN, EHC Plans and medical reports and records) from Educational Psychologists, Occupational Therapists, Specialist Teacher Assessor, School SENCo, Community Paediatric Department, GP, Consultants, Specialists or other medical/health/educational professionals, bodies or organisations.


    By signing this Registration Form we understand, accept and agree that:

    • Registration of our child as a prospective pupil does not secure our child a place at the School but does ensure that our child will be considered for selection as a pupil at the School. Registration means your child will be considered for a place and may be placed on a waiting list;
    • When a place can be offered, an Acceptance Form will be sent to the above-named Parents/ Guardian, together with the school’s Parent School Contract. The place will be reserved after completion of the Acceptance Form, lodgement of the required deposit and confirmation of the reservation by the School;
    • (For pupils whose parents live overseas), we will appoint a UK Guardian for our child and details will be provided on the acceptance form once a place has been offered;
    • (For pupils whose parents live overseas), we agree to arrange and pay for the airline’s “unaccompanied minor service” (or arrange an escort) to look after our child whilst at the British airport and during the flight;
    • If applicable, the School may request from our child’s present school or educational institution (a) information and a reference in respect of our child; and/or (b) information about any outstanding fees and/or supplemental charges;
    • On offer of a place, the School reserves the right to, with reference to one or both of us, (a) undertake a credit check with a credit reference agency; and/or (b) require us to provide the School with a bank reference and/or an up-to-date credit report (including a credit score); and
    • The School may process any personal data about us (or either of us) and our child, including special categories of personal data about our child (such as medical details), for the purposes of:
      • Administering its list of prospective pupils;
      • Its registration, selection and/or admission procedures, including as set out above; and
      • Communicating with the parents of prospective pupils about the School and generally managing relationships between the School and its prospective pupils.

    I/We understand that signing this Registration Form does not give rise to a contract with Wisbech Grammar School.

    First* Signature

    Second Signature

    Registration Fee

    The Registration Fee is non-refundable, and is payable at the time of submitting the Registration Form.

    • £125 for a single child
    • £200 for two children, registered at the same time
    • £250 for three children registered at the same time

    I will pay by chequeI will pay by electronic transfer

    Bank Details

    Bank: Barclays Bank
    Account Name: Wisbech Grammar School
    Account number: 23902730
    Sort code: 20-17-20
    Reference: Child’s surname and Postcode

    Data Protection

    For data protection purposes, Wisbech Grammar School is the data controller. The School will process personal data about the Parents and the prospective Pupil in accordance with applicable data protection laws. More details of our personal data processing activities generally can be found in the School's Data Protection Policy and Privacy Notice, available on our website.

    The information you have provided will help us to: assess our ability to meet your child's needs and make the appropriate adjustments in both the School’s Admissions process and entrance examinations/ assessments; assess your child's suitability for a place at the School; and meet the needs of your child and support your child throughout their educational journey at the School.

    Please note that no child will be considered for entry to the School unless the mandatory parts of this form are completed and returned prior to any deadlines for applications that may be set by the School from time to time, including the entrance exam/assessments. Failure to disclose mandatory information may lead to the withdrawal of any offer.

    You can withdraw your consent to the processing of any non-mandatory personal data which you supply by contacting our Data Protection Lead by mail on: Bursar@wisbechgrammar.com or by telephone on: 01945 583631.

    Please note that we require a signature from both parents, unless parental responsibility has been removed by a court order, in which case please provide supporting evidence.

    If you have any queries, please contact the Admissions Department on 01945 586750 or via email admissions@wisbechgrammar.com


    Please note that the information contained in this form will not be used in any way to select pupils for the School, nor will it be made available to the selection panel. Any information you provide will be used solely to compile statistics on the school careers and experiences of pupils from different ethnic backgrounds, to help ensure that all pupils have the opportunity to fulfil their potential. These statistics will not allow individual pupils to be identified. From time to time, the information will be passed on to the Department for Education to contribute to national statistics.

    National Identity



    BuddhistHinduJehovah WitnessMuslimOther ReligionChristianIslamJewishNo ReligionSikh

    Ethnic Origin

    Schools are required by the Department for Education to collect information about the ethnic background of pupils. This information is used to complete a statutory census which takes place in the Autumn, Spring and Summer terms. This data will help us to understand and identify the needs of the individual pupils and groups of pupils and to plan and target resources and support more effectively and, in turn, parents and pupils will benefit from the provision of this information.